Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Good morning ninjalets! Happy hump day and happy first day of October! But clearly I'm not ready for fall just yet! I still want to wear my flip flops, my little skirts, and of course my roller blades! So, the skirt is an Alterego item (and yes, there is no top ;D) The skates are from CNZ (and considering I've been looking for a pair this was pretty much perfect timing) They can be color changed to however you like (the shoe itself, the laces, or the wheels) And the hair is from the current N21 going on! So really if you haven't been yet, you must go! And the pose is from Just Posing! (A new sponsor of mine who has the cutest poses ever! Plus she's in some really awesome hunts which I'll be showcasing in just a smidge!)

<:. Atomic Flutter .:> N21
<:. Slink hands - Elegance .:>
<:. Boho watch -gacha- Rare Whooo .:> Reign
<:. Amacci Emerald Eyes .:>
<:. Zara Taupe .:> Feeb's and Rascal
<:. Geek Glasses .:> Nayu
<:. Savage Nails -purple .:> M O N S
<:. LoL Roller Skates .:> CNZ
<:. City Slicker Skirt .:> Alterego
<:. Aurora Watch -Tortoise and Black- .:> Thrift shop
<:. Cutie Pose .:> Just Posing

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