Wednesday, October 29, 2014


Good morning ninjalets! Happy Humpday! Alrighty, I've got some super amazing things to share and show you all. Misfit has made another ne set of eyes, and I have to say, she is just amazing. And! I've also got a new sponsor with me. Divinity has got to be one of the cutest/nicest stores I've been to. (Not to say anything bad about anyone else's) And Deadpool is in the Bloody horror Fair! (Yay!) 

<:. Glow Designs Chained Pumps -Vampire- .:> Designer Circle
<:. Kawaii Love Eyes .:> Misfit
<:. Connie II .:> Olive
<:. Cutie Pose .:> Just Posing
<:. Spilt Raven -skirt, top, headband- .:> Bloody Horror Fair  
<:. Owl 2.0 .:> Tattoo Mania
<:. Rose Ring .:> Divinity ♥Group Gift♥

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