Saturday, September 27, 2014

LOTD 82: Watch out.. we got a bad a$$ ovah here!

Yeah, it's 2 in the morning for me, so my titles are not that great, but that doesn't mean the clothes are like that. :D The lovely top is from CNZ and its only 25 lindies! (*Insert gasp*) The hair is Damsefly's very own Letty. (I got it cause of the cute hair dip in the front. I'm a sucker for a good dip.) But it's also pink! And pink is so fetch! ( >_>) The skin is called Zara and can be found at this round of Feeb's and Rascal! Comes with the appliers and all.

<:. Letty .:> Dameselfly
<:. Slink hands - Elegance .:>
<:. Crop Top .:> CNZ 
<:. Amacci Emerald Eyes .:>
<:. Zara Taupe .:> Feeb's and Rascal
<:. Face Paint .:> Dead Apples
<:. Glamorous Lipstick -candy- .:> M O N S
<:. Savage Nails -purple- .:> M O N S

Happy shopping ninjalets!

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