Monday, August 11, 2014

LOTD 62: I gotta feeling.. Whoohoo!

<:. Lux Heels -Violet- .:> Cosmopolitan Sale Room
<:. Real Eyes -Purple- .:> Feeb's and Rascal
<:. Amacci Emerald eyes .:>
<:. WoW Skins Hope skin and shape .:>
<:. Malibu .:> ~Uber~
<:. Slink hands - Elegance .:>
<:. SLink Feet -High- .:> 
<:. Boho bag -Furreal- .:> Moon
<:. Neon Stripes Dress .:> Trend Fashion Fair
<:. Freckles .:> Little Pricks
<:. [VN] Summer fun eyewear -black- .:>

I adore that song. XD Okay, so the glasses I got from the last round of N-Twenty1 and it has ended which is why there is no LM for it. -So sorry!- The dress is for the Trend Fashion Fair. And it ends tomorrow! So make sure to get yourself down there! The shoesies are for the Cosmopolitan this round -which ends the 17th- so you'll have to hurry up and get down there. They come in other colors, but the purple matched up so nicely with the dress. :3 The eyes come in other sets -stars and real- and in other colors as well. 

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