Saturday, June 7, 2014

LOTD 33: We built this city... On fashion and clothes!

Good morning everyone! Happy Saturday! Alright, I know that I've been in here every couple of hours, but it's only because I have awesome goodies I wanna share! Plus I've got a new sponsor to show off! .twenty13. is one of my newest sponsors, and they're in so many events going on. *_* Like the thrift shop that starts tomorrow, they've got the smexy pants I'm about to share with you all in it! 

<:. Little Bones Barbarella .:> Little Bones group giftie
<:. Saroum Pants Revolt / Sever .:> The Thrift Shop
<:. Slink hands - Elegance .:> Slink West
<:. Amacci Moss Green eyes .:>
<:. WoW skins hope shape and skin .:>
<:. my favorite readers glasses .:> Mon Tissu group giftie
<:. Z.S. Fireworks lips Red .:>
<:. Barely legal couture Black Cuffs .:> Barely Legal Couture
<:. Sugarheart mesh dimple piercings .:> Market Place
<:. Slink Mid Feet .:>  Slink West
<:. Silly Spoiled Whore cross heels .:> -slink mid feet only-
<:. Stomach and Skull sleeve tattoo .:> -can be found on the Market Place-
<:. d-lab Gang Cat Licio .:> The Arcade
<:. Cabochon Necklace .:> The Little Bat
<:. Saxxy String Top .:> .twenty13.

So hello hello everyone! The outfit, is fantastic. *.* I fell in love with the pants. And the top is fitted mesh! *drools* I love fitted mesh things. It really is so much easier, there is no alpha layer to wear with it. -XD- And as you all know, I went to the arcade this round -keep in mind it ends the end of the month! So if you haven't gotten in, get in!- Also! A new round of the Thrift shop starts tomorrow! And that is here you can get those smexy pants I'm rocking up there. The top -which is pretty cool, it's named after one of the bloggers xD- can be found at the main store. The pants are available for men and women, and come in mesh, the top is available in mesh and fitted mesh. The little cat buddy I'm holding is from the Arcade, the necklace I got from The Little Bat -pretty cool gothic store- 
And that's it for right now guys! Happy shopping!

♥♥♥ Britty ♥♥♥

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