Tuesday, June 24, 2014

LOTD 47: I see dots!

Happy Monday! -well, Tuesday lol- And today I have lots of new releases to show! Plus goodies from some of the events going on and up coming! ♥

<:. Glow Designs Dots Dress -pink- .:> The Summer Fashion Festival
<:. LivGlam Summer 2012 Lip gloss .:> 
<:. Amacci Emerald eyes .:> 
<:. {Sugar Heart} Mesh Dimple piercings .:>
<:. WoW Skins Hope skin and shape .:>
<:. Favorite Glasses .:> Mon Tissu Group Giftie
<:. Lindgren hair .:> The Fantasy Collective
<:. Slink hands - Elegance .:>
<:. slink High feet .:>
<:. Glow Designs Infinity Bracelet -gold- .:> The Summer Fashion Festival
<:. .Twenty13. Zipped Hooker Heels .:> The Naughty Nitch Fashoin Fair (( LM to follow! ))
<:. Kat Eyes .:> Little Pricks
<:. ZMAN watch -pink- .:> Finesmith
<:. Heirloom necklace .:> -Marketplace-
<:. Pride Nails .:> Twenty13

Soooo, theres a couple things going on! ^-^ Plus I've got so much more to show! But anyways, onto this postie <3 
So, glow Designs has come out with another new sexy release! A hot smoking dotty dress. -It comes in other colors, I just like pink a lot. xD- I also found a new tattoo place! ♥_♥ I think I bought everything in her store to be honest. >_< Also! The Naughty Nitch fair will be coming up soon! The shoes are an exclusive only for this event! So save the lindies guys and gals! Cause there shall be more to show! The fantasy Collective has begun and is in full swing! The theme is Vikings/Norse. Thats it for the moment! Though I shall return shortly! xD 

Happy shopping!


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