Tuesday, June 3, 2014

LOTD 29: I just wanna be a panda!

Happy Tuesday!! I bring more goodies from the Pandacare fair! Don't forget, it starts June 16th and runs until the 31st of June! LM will be soon to follow with my next post, I promise! -especially since the date is fast approaching! :o- 

<:. Coquet. Mia shorts .:> FameShed
<:. [KRC] Pink kawaii panda top .:> Pandacare fair
<:. Slink hands - Elegance .:>
<:. Amacci Moss Green eyes .:>
<:. WoW skins hope shape and skin .:>
<:. \my favorite readers glasses .:> Mon Tissu group giftie
<:. Z.S. Fireworks lips Red .:>
<:. Nerdology panda spoon-dango .:> pandacare fair
<:. Nerdology cup 'o' panda-espresso .:> pandacare fair
<:. Ploom Melon .:> FameShed
<:. Nerdology Panda Ears with Pink Bows .:> Pandacare fair
<:. Nerdology Panda Kix Sneakers -white- .:> pandacare fair
<:. Nerdology Panda brella with pink bows .:> pandacare fair
<:. Nerdology Panda face make-up .:> Pandacare Fair

Hello everyone! I know, not many LM's I can give out with this one, but trust me! When you do get the LM, -which you will very soon!- you really really need to go and check it out! The pandacare fair is a gacha event and is all about the pandas! \o/ But I do have some other things from the Fameshed event going on. The ploom hair, is cute as ever! -so worth a check out- And then the shorts. I must admit, I was a little curious about buying them, but trust me, they are really worth the buy. And that's all I've got for today! -but I'll be back!- Hugs and loves!


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