Saturday, June 21, 2014

LOTD 45: Can't touch this!

So, recently I've seen a lot of the no h8 thing going around, and I'm probably not going to be everyone's fan for saying this, but I support it! I always will, and I always have. If two people really love each other, than let them be together! Anyways, this is my take on it. -Kinda. Well, it was going in that direction. :p I just couldn't find a good no h8 tattoo else I'd be wearing it-

<:. Strappy -red/gold- .:> Mumuhime
<:. LivGlam Summer 2012 Lip gloss .:> Liv Glam
<:. Emerald eyes .:> Amacci
<:. {Sugar Heart} Mesh Dimple piercings .:>
<:. WoW Skins Hope skin and shape .:>
<:. Favorite Glasses .:> Mon Tissu Group Giftie
<:. Boomer .:> Level Up!
<:. Slink hands - Elegance .:>
<:. slink Mid feet .:>
<:. Dia Dia .:> Mumuhime
<:.Laced up legs .:> Marketplace
<:. Chibi Power Scout Necklace .:> 
<:. Stand for love.:> Elska
<:. Pride Nails .:> Twenty13
<:. The Rose .:> Hiatus

Well, now that you all know where I stand on that topic, let's get into the clothes, shall we? -XD- So! The body suit and the cute shoes are from Mumuhime! -I swear I don't stalk her store.. that much. xD- The hair -Oh my gosh! You have to go to the Level up event! If you're into cars/driving then it is a good place to go.- is made by Ploom for the Level up event. The tattoos, I've acquired throughout my various SL adventures, but I always at least try to leave the LM for you guys. The lip gloss -I know, I finally did a new designer. lol- is part of Liv Glams Make-up collection. Granted it is two years old, but hey! It suits my needs - :3 - The nail polish -which helped me finish off the outfit- is made by Twenty13. It's called pride, and it's not only for reasons like mine. It's cute and colorful and by now we should all know I love colors. :D The necklace I got from the Moon festival that bad been going on before. It was all sailor moon themed =*_*= I love Sailor moon :p

Anyways! Happy shopping everyone!

♥♥♥ Britty ♥♥♥

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