Saturday, May 31, 2014

LOTD 27: I'm feeling... Purple

Good morning ninjalets! I have a new sponsor, and today I'm showcasing off the wonderful and beautiful work of Glow Designs! 

<:. Glow Designs Pencil Dress .:>  Cosmopolitan Sales Room
<:. ZS fireworks lips - red .:>
<:. Amacci - Moss Green eyes .:>
<:. {Sugar Heart} Mesh Dimple piercings .:>
<:. WoW Skins Hope skin and shape .:>
<:. Little Bone Apple .:>  Group Giftie Little Bones
<:. Glow Designs Book Bag .:> Fashion Stars
<:. Slink hands - Elegance .:>
<:. ZOZ Floral Nails .:> Group Giftie Cosmopolitan Sales Room
<:. Mon Tissu group gift Favorite Readers -black- .:> Group Giftie Mon Tissu

The dress comes in 8 different colors, the bag comes in 9 different colors. Plus they are super adorable and look amazing! The dress is 70L's at the Cosmopolitan and the bag is also 70L's! So make sure you go and check it out! 

Have an awesome weekend everyone!
♥♥ Britty ♥♥

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