Monday, April 28, 2014

LOTD 17: Hakuna Matata! Vodka! Cupcakes!

Happy Monday everybody! Hope you all had a good weekend, I know I did. I went a hunting and I found some fantastical things! *o* You're gonna love em! 

<:. [KRC] Cupcakes,Vodka & hakuna matata shirt .:>
<:.[KRC] Jelly fish tattoo .:> [KRC] Kalraye's Confections!
<:. Custom made Skull sleeve tattoo .:>
<:. Slink hands - Elegance .:>
<:. Amacci Emerald Eyes .:>
<:. WoW skins hope shape and skin .:>
<:. Glasses - [KRC] LoZ Mesh .:>
<:. Z.S. Fireworks lips Red .:>
<:. AlterEgo Legacy Denim Jeans .:>
<:. {Sugar Heart} Dimple piercings .:>
<:. -Ipoke- Pureza Earrings .:>
<:. Truth Hair Elyse - New Release .:>

So! Truth Hair released a new-ish hair -it was a couple days before I wanted to do this post- called Elyse. And then I went hunting at the Hipster Chic Fair and found the cutest gatcha machine! It had a lots of other various phrases on it, but I really wanted this one shirt. *Cupcakes,Vodka,& Hakuna Matata* It was just adorable! The gatcha machine is 50L's per pull, and is only going to be there for a couple more days! The glasses I'm wearing are also here. 25L's per pull on the machine.  The jeans I got from AlterEgo / Toxxic Designs as a group giftie. -she's got them out also at the The 100 Block and at Krave Inc.

So, there's my little things for the moment! -I have another post I'll be doing in a minute xD- 
Happy Monday and best of shopping luck! ♥♥♥Britty♥♥♥

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