Monday, March 24, 2014


Being rescued is so mainstream! I rescue myself!

I bring to you today two different outfits. Both from KalRaye's Confections! 

The first outfit I bring to you, is called Hipster Princess Peach. All one outfit that comes with shoes and the pink fedora! So, what is Britty wearing with this outfit?

<:. [KRC] Princess Peach Mainstream .:>
<:. Hair: Exile: Desperately Wanting light blondes .:>
<:. Eyes: Amacci: Emerald green .:>
<:. Glasses: FBD Nerd Glasses with Silver Spikes .:>
<:. Make-up: :Z.S: Fireworks Lips .:>
<:. Piercings: {Sugar Heart} Mesh Dimple .:>
<:. Hands: Slink: Elegance .:>

And the next outfit for you today, is Princess Peach Casual Mesh Dress. Also from KalRaye's Confections!

<:. [KRC] Princess Peach Casual .:>
<:. [KRC] White Princess crown .:>
<:. Hair: Exile: Wild at heart light blondes .:>
<:. Shoes: {Isis} Bellic Ballet Shoes .:>
<:. Eyes: Amacci: Moss Green .:>
<:. Make-up: Pink Acid Midnight Out eyelashes, lip gloss, blush .:>

~~~ Have a great day and thanks for perving!! ~~~

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